Richmond 300 Documents

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Advisory Team Applications: Initial Analysis (August 2017): This two-page document contains data summarizing the the early applicants’ city council district, age, race, and area of expertise. 
  1. Initial Analysis from August 14, 2017 Uploaded on August 14, 2017
  2. Initial Analysis from August 16, 2017 Uploaded on August 17, 2017

Advisory Team Application: The Advisory Team applications are due on August 21, 2017. Uploaded on July 16, 2017

Draft Process and Engagement Plan (July 2017): This 17-page document outlines the general process and engagement strategy the City will utilize to develop Richmond 300 - including descriptions of the 4-phase process and the project team. This process and engagement strategy may change as the plan develops to respond to topics that emerge. Uploaded on July 16, 2017.

Background Flyer (July 2017): This flyer outlines the key information about Richmond 300 and how to get engaged in the process. Uploaded on July 16, 2017

Launch Event Media Advisory (July 2017): Uploaded on July 16, 2017

Launch Event Invitation (July 2017): Uploaded on July 16, 2017

Richmond 300 In The News

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Launch Event Coverage

Articles about the Richmond 300 Launch Event hosted on July 18, 2017 at 10AM on the Observation Deck of City Hall.

Mayor Stoney launches ‘Richmond 300’ plan for 20 years in the future: Article from WRIC (ABC Channel 8) by Catherine Shelor

Mayor launches 'Richmond 300' initiative to handle city's growth: Article from WWBT (NBC Channel 12) by the NBC12 Newsroom

Other Plans

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The City of Richmond and other entities have authored numerous studies and plans that we will be referencing during the Richmond 300 process. We will be listing these plans below. In the future, check back to this site for links to other plans. 

Other City's Plans

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Cities across the nation are updating their master plans or have recently completed their master plan update. Here are few for you to review and learn from: