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Many ways to participate

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Richmond 300 will be developed with extensive community engagement. As such, there will be numerous ways to participate - some more time-intensive than others.

Advisory Council

Sub-committee of the City Planning Commission

The Advisory Council is an adhoc sub-committee of the City Planning Commission. The Advisory Team serves as 
  1. A sounding board to help shape the content of Richmond 300; and 
  2. Liaisons to the community at large by helping to build awareness of and participating in the plan update process. 
Meetings: All Advisory Council Meetings are open to the public. The Advisory Council meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Main Library (101 E. Franklin St, Richmond, VA 23219). 

Meeting Materials: All the Advisory Council meeting materials can be found under  "Advisory Council" tab of this website.

Members: A short biography of the 21-members and description of the composition of the Advisory Council composition can be found here:

Working Groups

Working Groups help shape the draft recommendations that will comprise the Richmond 300 document. Learn more about the Working Groups here.

All Working Group meetings will be open to the public. 

Community Consultations

We will host community consultations throughout the process. Please join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook so you are notified when these are scheduled.

Social Media

We established Instagram and Facebook accounts as another way to reach our constituents. Follow us @richmond300 and use the hashtag #richmond300 when posting about the Master Plan.

Engagement Target

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Unique Participants
That are representative of the demographics 
 of the city’s residents and stakeholders 
 (by race, age, income, and zip code).