Water Treatment Plant Filter SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Replacement

Project Summary and Scope

This project is required to maintain compliance with the treatment requirements of the City’s Waterworks Operations Permit.  Replacement of the existing obsolete Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system at the Water Treatment Plant.  The existing system was installed in the 1980’s, utilizes outdated technology and equipment and is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and repair.  


“Information and documents authorizing, depicting or outlining details about the project, including, but not limited to, the following:

Procurement Request for Proposal (RFP) Documents (although drawings and details about the design are available from the Procurement office, these documents should be considered as protected by the Homeland Security exception and should not be shared unconditionally with the public.  Anyone requesting access to these documents should complete and sign a FOIA request form with DPU).  

Project Milestones

Contract Awarded – May 2015

Project Completion – July 2020

Technical details and schedule are reviewed at periodic project progress/coordination meetings.  

Project Funding

DPU Water Utility Enterprise funds in the amount of $6,400,000.  Funds for this project were appropriated prior to Fiscal Year 2016-2017.

Project Status Updates

Installation of the new SCADA system is in progress. Final Testing plan is being reviewed by engineers and plant personnel.  

Permit, information is listed below. For details please call the Department of Planning, Development and Review at 804-646-4169.

Virginia Department of Health Waterworks Construction Permit 

Expenses (costs are reported quarterly)

RAPIDS Project # 100249

Total expenditures as of 02/11/2020:  $4,884,373.46

Project Contact Information, if you have questions about this project please contact this individual.

  • City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities Media Contact:  Johnathan Snyder JONATHAN.SNYDER@RICHMONDGOV.COM (804) 646-5465
  • City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities Project Contact:  Stephen Morgan  Stephen.Morgan@Richmondgov.com  (804) 646-8522

Project Overall Status (Active, Pending or Complete)


Ordinance Information


Contract Information

City contract # 15000020523 with E-merge ($3,873,572.00)

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