Monroe Park Renovation and Restoration Project

Project Summary and Scope

The Monroe Park Renovation & Restoration Project consists of the design and construction of certain above ground and below ground improvements and renovations to sidewalks, site lighting, landscaping, trees, pavilions, improved stormwater drainage and amenities of the park.

Project Milestones

Construction Bid Due- 2/8/17

Substantial Completion- August 29, 2018

Final Completion-  September 27, 2018

Construction Bid Closed -- 2/9/17 -- Documented by Procurement Here

Project Funding

$3,600,000 – Award #500195- Project #100487 FY15-FY16

$3,000,000/TBD-  Monroe Park Conservancy

Project Status Updates

Project Schedule:

Project bidding in process- Bids Due  Feb. 8, 2017

Notice To Proceed-  March 27, 2017

Construction Substantial Completion 95%-  August 29, 2018

Final Completion 100%- September 27, 2018


Information from Bid

Project Book
Technical Specifications
PreBid Meeting Minutes
Addendum No. 1
Addendum No. 2
Addendum No. 2 Revised Bid Form
Addendum No. 2 Specifications
Addendum No. 2 Drawings
Addendum No. 3
Addendum No. 4
This solicitation is closed.  Bid Summary

Permit, information is listed below. For details please call the Department of Planning, Development and Review at 804-646-4169.

The following is the list of permits for the Monroe Park Renovation &  Restoration Project. 

Land Disturbance Permit #LDIS-004916-2016 

Building Permit #BLDC-010332-2016

Mechanical Permit #MECC-010334-2016

Plumbing Permit #PLBC-010333-2016

Electrical Permit #ELEC-010336-2016

Work In Street Permit #WISP-008619-2016

Expenses (costs are reported quarterly)

Cost To Date:

Design (3 North Architects)- $872,679.56

Construction - (Southwood Building Systems)-  $5,125,661.28

Other- Permits- Land Disturbance ($1,000.00)  Building Permit ($1,286.73)  Mechanical Permit ($159.63)  Plumbing Permit ($445.74)  Electrical Permit ($12,132.90)

Tree Removal & Pruing- Davey's Tree Service ($75,129.00)

Traffic Control- P.D. Brooks ($330,279.00)

Project Contact Information, if you have questions about this project please contact this individual.

Performance Measures and Benchmarks

On a monthly basis, details concerning schedule, cost to date/budget and critical issues are reviewed at construction progress meeting and requirements, to the extent such measures or requirements are set forth in the City contract are reviewed by the City Capital Projects Manager or the City appointee.

Project Overall Status (Active, Pending or Complete)


Ordinance Information

Project Documents-

Current construction documents completed. See Procurement portal. Monroe Park Conservancy initiative for new Park Pavilion approved by UDC & Planning Commission for design and construction to also include park furnishings. See UDC & Planning Commission portal/website. Monroe Park Conservancy proposing (1) new Portland Loos for perimeter of park and conceptuals have been approved by UDC & Planning Commission. Final approvals pending submission to UDC & Planning Commission.

Contract Awards:

Design: 3 North Architects     Current Contract- $879,445.00  (Contract #16000020682)

Construction: Southwood Building Systems, Inc.     Current Contract- $6,153,405.55  (Contract #17000015753) includes CO #1 (Laurel St. Sidewalk) & #2 (Franklin St. Sidewalks) & #3 (Belvelder Sidewalks) & #4 (Main Street Sidewalks)

Contract Information

See contract information above.