Main St. Station Multimodal Transportation Center (Phase 3)

Project Summary and Scope

Main Street Station is Richmond's DOWNTOWN train station and this has been confirmed through Federal Records of Decision with the Federal Railroad Association.  Hampton Roads to Richmond ROD has been confirmed and in April 2017, Raleigh to Richmond ROD confirmed that Main Street Station will serve RVA for higher/high speed rail once fully funded.  The DC2RVA, Washington to Richmond Rail Study, has formalize their recommendation of Main Street Station as the Downtown train station in their presentation to the Commonwealth Transportation Board in late 2016.   That ROD confirming Main Street Station as the downtown RVA train station is expected later this year. The project is currently a multimodal transportation center serving 4 AMTRAK trains daily, over 10 Megabus routes daily, taxis, shuttles, motor coaches, bicycles and other modes.  Phase 3, the train shed rehabilitation and site work improvements expand the multimodal transportation center including amenities to serve downtown High Speed Rail, future Bus Rapid Transit, GRTC, bicycles, taxis, shuttles, motor coaches, trolleys, EV vehicles, vehicles, and public amenities.

The project also will support:

  • Convention Business with a world classes gala space (47,000) to support our Convention Center and Hotels
  • Retail/food/beverage, urban outdoor/indoor market in and retail pop-up
  • Tourism Marketing and the Tourism Industry
  • The project includes a central Virginia Welcome Center (adopted by City Council January 23, 2017) and set to open Summer 2017, operated by the Virginia Tourism Corporation showcasing the best of Richmond and the State of Virginia


Main St. Station is the region’s premier multimodal transportation center and our Richmond version Grand Central Station.   Multi-phased 30+ year development project began with initial funding and feasibility studies in 1991. Acquisition of the properties and buildings followed.  Phase I restored AMTRAK service to downtown and opened the restored Head House clock-towered structure.  Phase II positioned the project as a tourism origination point and expanded Motor Coach service, parking, improved passenger drop off and crosswalks, expanded bicycle on site parking..

Part of the Project Written Studies, Reports, Presentation

For Milestones Written Studies, Reports, Presentation prepared for use of employees

Project Milestones

Main St. Station Train Shed rehabilitation opening Fall 2017.   Soft opening of Welcome Center in Summer 2017.

Main St. Station Site Work completion early 2018..

Project Funding

the Project is funded through Federal/State Transportation Grants and the project is a 40 year development project, currently in its 27th year.  The project began in 1991.  Of the 92 million total grants received to date, only 4% is City locally funded, the local match required to receive the grants.

Contract No. 140000022734, Taylor and Parrish, Construction Company, total value to date: $41 million.


Project Status Updates

Phase 3 train shed rehabilitation construction is underway.  The Virginia Welcome Center will open in late Summer 2017.  Sitework improvements follow into early 2018.  The retail/food/beverage and traveler amenities will follow.  Seaboard Building development and Lumpkin's Jail development will follow in the future years to serve a regional bike and bike storage/bike share/bike rental facility as well as AMTRAK baggage support for the west side trestle that will serve Florida, 26 trains approximately/daily.


Permit, information is listed below. For details please call the Department of Planning, Development and Review at 804-646-4169.

The project has all necessary permits in place.  Future permits will be required for the sitework.  Search permit inquiry on utilize 1500 E. Main St., 23219 as inquiry address.

Expenses (costs are reported quarterly)

Query on Code: Main St. Station funding code:


Project Contact Information, if you have questions about this project please contact this individual.

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Performance Measures and Benchmarks

Project construction progress monitored daily.  Transportation ridership continues to show growth at the Main St. Station for both AMTRAK and Megabus.

Project Overall Status (Active, Pending or Complete)


Ordinance Information


Contract Information


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