Heritage Site Development Lumpkins Jail Slavery Museum and Slave Trail Improvements

Project Summary and Scope

Governor McDonnell included $11 million in funding to advance the work already underway and well documented: Lumpkin’s Jail Archaeological Site and further improvements to the experience along the Richmond Slave Trail.  (see summary and timeline of all Slave Trail projects at bottom of this document).  The General Assembly approved the funding and the projects are advancing with this funding.

Reimbursement Request 1 totaling $273,761  submitted to VaDGS on September 30, 2016. Reimbursement Request 2 will be submitted to VaDGS mid 2017.




Project Milestones

SmithGroup hired October 10, 2017

Planning for Community Collaboration on-going, Community Collaboration Kicked Off in March 2017, Statement of Purpose launched April 8, 2017 and Visitor Experience launches May 10.

1994 Unity Walk Commission established by the City of Richmond, evolved into the Slave Trail Commission

Project Funding

  • $1 million Lumpkin’s Jail Design/Development State of Virginia Budget (reimbursements quarterly FY17 FY18 )
  • $1 million Slave Trail Improvements State of Virginia Budget (reimbursements quarterly FY17 FY18)
  • $ 9 million State of Virginia Budget (reimbursed upon project completion) ($4 million towards Lumpkin's Jail Site, $5 million towards a "Slavery Museum")
  • $8.05 million Lumpkin’s Jail/Heritage Site Development City of Richmond CIP (500573)

Project Status Updates

Website for project: lumpkinsjail.org


SmithGroup in Washington DC and team of subconsultants have been hired to advance the next project along the Slave Trail that has been approved with funding.  See the attached SmithGroup experience, press release.

The first community collaborative meeting was held at Virginia Union University March 10, 2017.  The next community collaborative meeting is scheduled for May 2017.  The project website was launched the evening of March 10.

The development of the Statement of Purpose began with a forum in Washington DC at the SmithGroup office in early April.  The Visitor Experience workshops and the  Stakeholder Interviews advanced in Richmond with the SmithGroup Team in May, over 100 interviews were accomplished..  The second Community Engagement meeting was held July 12, 2017.  Design concepts concepts will follow this Fall from Community input.  Community input received regarding heritage master planning for Shockoe will be shared with the City's Comprehensive City-Wide Master Plan team who are working on the update to the City's Comprehensive Citywide Master Plan under the direction of Mark Olinger, Director of Planning for the City of Richmond.  The City-wide master plan will kick off July 18, 2017.  The City is looking into advancing a small community plan for Shockoe Valley.  The project name (not the eventual built project's name) will be called Lumpkin's Jail Site/Devil's Half Acre until the community engagement informs a more specific name for the Community Engagement process/project.  The eventual branding of the "built" form for this site will be named accordingly in the future,








Richmond Speaks/Lumpkin’s Jail: (final report in the RFP link below with final reports on the Lumpkin’s Jail Archaeological Assessment and Excavation.


RFP advertised for A/E and Museum Consultation: in procurement process presently

Projects completed to date: within Reimbursements

  1. 2015 Slave Trail Improvements - Pathway Markers installed (completed)

Pavement Marker

Pathway Stand Mounted

  1. 2015 Richmond City Council commits additional funding to Slave Trail sites (completed)                                                                                      
  2. Lumpkin’s Jail Richmond Speaks Community Engagement Process (completed http://www.Richmondspeaksaboutlumpkinsite.org )
  3. Request for Proposals advertised Lumpkin’s Jail A/E Development Team (completed)
  4. Slave Trail Improvements - Winfree Cottage Stabilization (completed)
  5. Heritage Site Development, selection of A/E Development Team (final phase of selection)


Permit, information is listed below. For details please call the Department of Planning, Development and Review at 804-646-4169.

There are no permits necessary at this time.

Expenses (costs are reported quarterly)

Query on Code:

5008118/500391 Slave Trail Funding

500573                 Heritage Center/Lumpkin’s Jail

Project Contact Information, if you have questions about this project please contact this individual.

Performance Measures and Benchmarks

1998 City Council established the Slave Trail Commission

2003 Reconciliation Statue acquisition

2004 Slave Trail brochure and branding designs begin

2005 Slave Trail brochure and branding distributed throughout the community and Tourism Centers.

2006 Lumpkin’s Jail Archaeological Assessment

2007 Reconciliation Statue unveiling

2007 Virginia General Assembly voted unanimously to express profound regret for the involuntary servitude of Africans and called for reconciliation among all Virginians

2008 Lumpkin’s Archaeological Excavation backfilled utilizing geotextile fabric liners to protect the site until it can be protected and revealed.  Commemorative Landscape and Interpretation of the original site installed

2009 Lumpkin’s Jail Archaeological Excavation showcased in Smithsonian Magazine

2009 – 2010 Slave Trail Marker design, approvals, historical research

2009 - 2010 Master Planning all Slave Trail sites and Museum concept underway with LORD Cultural Resources and Burt Pinnock, community engagement and stakeholder meetings begin

2011 Slave Trail Marker unveiling – 21 markers unveiled

2013 Broad St. Gateway 14th to 18th infrastructure project conceptual design and funding committed including ADA access to Burial Ground site and Lumpkin’s Jail

2013 The National Slavery Museum Foundation (501C3) established with a mission of preserving and interpreting authentic sites of significance in Richmond to tell the story of the domestic and transatlantic slave trade

2013 Master Plan of the Slave Trail sites presented to Governor McDonnell by Mayor Dwight C. Jones, requesting funding and support

2014 Slave Trail Pathway Markers designed, design approval received

2014 General Assembly and City Council commit funding to the Lumpkin’s Jail Site and Richmond Slave Trail Improvements

2014 Improvements underway to the Manchester Docks/Ancarrow Landing, trail head of the Richmond Slave Trail – Exxon Mobile partnership

2015 Slaves Going South – Library of Virginia displays artifacts from Lumpkin’s Jail publicly for the first time in partnership with the Slave Trail Commission, artifacts placed in storage (on loan) at the Library 

Project Overall Status (Active, Pending or Complete)


Ordinance Information

No information listed to date.

Contract Information

See attachments posted.

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